I♥ Jade
Jadeite lover, enthusiast

This is where I share my discovery of beautifully crafted genuine exquisite fine jewelry and high end jewelry. I love jade, a natural gorgeous precious gemstone, that’s why you will see that this blog started by sharing lots of jadeite pieces. It’s spirited, mystic, destined to meet the one who cherish them. In 2016, I will also find and share designer unique fine jewelry with other precious or semi precious gemstones. And I will do my best to find more information on various topics related to fine designer jewelry.

You will also find in this blog more info and articles on jadeite while I am translating the educational book “Intro to Jadeite“, stay tuned, later on I will post more articles related to jadeite and fine jewelry buying techniques and guide.

Thank you for your support

Follow me on instagram.com/jadedescho for the most updated one of a kind products for sale. To check availability, please send PRIVATE message for inquiries, special orders will be taken through Bigcartel store, all other regular products please purchase directly from Etsy store.

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翡翠彩宝珠宝手表供应商批发商, 代理合作, 广告宣传等, 请加微信: jadedescho

For jewelry wholesalers, gemstone dealer looking for advertising and drop-ship opportunities, please add wechat id: jadedescho

Raw Jade Gemstone:

2015 Berman   



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