The Book for Beginners: Introduction to Jadeite

A great book to get started with Jadeite: Introduction to Jadeite

  • Author: Yingying Xing, Qi Hao, Haitao Wang
  • Publisher: China University of Geosciences Publisher
  • ISBN:9787562529880
  • Available on Amazon Kindle for $0.68 in Simplified Chinese

This is a simple to read introductory book on jadeite topic with anecdotal stories and easy wordings. The whole book is written in simplified Chinese. Authors took the Chinese side stand point for viewing some historical events. However, it is still a great book to start learning about jadeite, this oriental treasure.

I am translating this book purely because of my passion and hobby, and I want to spread the great content of this book to a broader audience in English. My translation may contain errors and should not serve as bibliography for academic purposes.

Table of Content:


Chapter 1 Introduction

  1. Origin of Jadeite
  2. Flourish of Jadeite

Chapter 2 Jadeite Appreciation

  1. Jadeite Mineral Deposit and Mining
  2. Gemology Characteristics of Jadeite
  3. Jadeite Quality Classification
  4. Chemical Treatment and Jadeite Therapy

Chapter 3 Appreciation of Jadeite and Other Jade Gemstone 

  1. Famous 4 Types of Jade of China
  2. Albite Jade VS Jadeite
  3. Quartzite VS Jadeite
  4. Vesuvianite VS Jadeite
  5. Hydrogrossular VS Jadeite
  6. Prehnite VS Jadeite
  7. Amazon Stone VS Jadeite
  8. Glass VS Jadeite

Chapter 4 Jadeite Rough Stone

  1. Jadeite Rough Stone Type
  2. Jadeite Rough Stone Characteristics
  3. Jadeite Rough Stone Appreciation
  4. Gamble of the Stone Jade

Chapter 5 Jadeite Market

  1. Jadeite Market Classification
  2. Typical Jadeite Market Brief

Chapter 6 Jadeite Artisan

  1. History of Artistic Sculpting of Jade
  2. Jade Sculpture Processing Tools and Characteristics
  3. Jadeite Sculpting Process
  4. Jade Sculpting Technique

Chapter 7 Jadeite Culture

  1. Jadeite Cultural Manifestation
  2. Jadeite Jewelry Culture